I love camp!

I (Jenn) apparently cannot get enough of camps! I just got back from the A/G MN Jr. High camp, and it was awesome. It’s been about 4 years since I’ve counselled at a camp, so I was a little rusty going into the week. But I stepped it up, and I went in full force. Of course, it’s so easy when you are counseling the best girls EVER! There is just something about youth camps that I just love. Youth feeling comfortable enough to really enter into worship (it’s just so much easier when you are with your peers), and it’s just incredible to see their hearts so hungry after God! It was just amazing. And there’s just nothing like getting to act as crazy and dumb as you want, and it’s okay because you are supposed to (well, the girls I counselled might have another opinion on that one). My body doesn’t quite recover as quickly as it used to, though…but for the record, I did body slam quite a few girls in the mud pit! (note: the mud pit is the place where one of our games took place in which the counselors had to guard barrels, and the campers had to try to get balls into them. It was our job to throw down anyone trying to get a ball into the barrels. Also, the mud had quite a few rocks and sticks in it–so I’m pretty scratched up and black and blue). And, amazingly, I would do it again! Here’s a picture of me and all my girls. By the way, Rick had a GREAT time being home with all three kids without me! :O) One time when I called him he said, “I am REALLY ready for you to come home!” Abbi had one meltdown, but other than that we all survived the week.


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