Why Amos Is a Downer This Time of Year

Today I opened my blogreader to discover that Dan Thompson was discussing (tongue-in-cheek) why Amos is a real downer to read for advent season.  I personally think he’s probably not much fun at parties either, so I wouldn’t recommend inviting him to any this season…unless you like being told you are the first to be taken away as a prisoner-of-war because you were living the high-life.

 4 They lie around on beds decorated with ivory, and sprawl out on their couches. They eat lambs from the flock, and calves from the middle of the pen.
 5 They sing to the tune of stringed instruments; like David they invent musical instruments.
 6 They drink wine from sacrificial bowls, and pour the very best oils on themselves. Yet they are not concerned over the ruin of Joseph.
 7 Therefore they will now be the first to go into exile, and the religious banquets where they sprawl on couches will end. (Amos 6:4-7 NET)

 (As an aside, Dan is giving away a free copy of the CEB every week till Christmas for those who comment on his advent readings and link back to them…so if you want a chance at a CEB…)

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