The Life of Abraham Podcasts

GenesisThe final which I assigned for my Advanced Preaching students was to produce a devotional podcast on a preselected portion of Genesis concerning the life of Abraham (those doing the first two chapters did not submit so sadly I don’t have anything on Genesis 12-13). I am happy to post these ones here and welcome feedback.

Some are done with music. One as a video. And one in Spanish (by my request). Here is the total repository for all of the podcasts from my students for your listening pleasure:

Genesis 14.1-16 – Jay Crane (4:02)

Genesis 14.17-24 – Liz Gonzalez (3:54)

Genesis 15 – Ronnie Hern (5:30)

Genesis 16 – Janae Kjetland (3:10)

Genesis 17 – Paige Koch (4:10)

Genesis 18.1-15 – Daniel Lopez-Flores (en Español; 5:20)

Genesis 18.16-33 – Claudio Martinez (You-tube video; 4:16)

Genesis 19 – Thomas McComas (3:12)

Genesis 20 – Brandon Owens (3:02)

Genesis 21.1-21 – Katie Poling (5:04)

Genesis 21.22-34 – Abigail Townsend (4:36)

Genesis 22 – James Webster (4:29)


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