Sermon: On (Sexual) Identity

whoamiThe following is a sermon I preached in the Trinity Bible College & Graduate School chapel on November 8, 2017: “On (Sexual) Identity” .



Seven Leadership Principles From Ezra-Nehemiah


Here are my “Seven Leadership Principles (Hopefully No One Has Ever Taught) From Ezra-Nehemiah” (I’m still waiting on the book deal):

(7) Demand that all members divorce any foreigners (Ezra 9-10)

(6) Remove from membership anyone missing a special business meeting (Ezra 10:8)

(5) Always carry a weapon to attack those who oppose your work (or have body-guards to do it for you) (Neh.4:16-23)

(4) Toss your opponent’s stuff outside of your facilities  if you really oppose them (Neh.13:8)

(3) Threaten anyone for not obeying your commands (Neh.13:21)

(2) Curse men with children who don’t speak your language (Neh.13:23-25)

(1) Beat up and then pull the hair of those who disobey you (Neh.13:25)

I’m surprised no one else has created this amazing leadership list with all the others I’ve seen in the past. Good thing I’m copyrighting it by posting it to my blog. 🙂